Indigenous Organisations

Whether you are a trustee of a land trust, a director of a CATSI corporation or an indigenous organisation operating as an incorporated association or a company limited by guarantee, we can help you navigate the legal regulations and requirements that apply to you.

We have helped many First Nations people with their community organisations from setting up CATSI corporations and other structures, to land deals for land trusts through to acting for the Torres Strait Regional Authority and indigenous local governments including Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council and others. 

We are proud to have walked with our clients to help them overcome legal challenges to achieve their aspirations and in some cases to help them achieve outcomes that have never been achieved before.

If you find yourself involved in a dispute we can help with that too.  Click here for more details. 

Please scroll down for full details of our services.  Please contact us to discuss how you can benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Stephen Devenish
  • Enterprise structures including CATSI Corporations 
  • Indigenous Land Use Agreements
  • Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) Applications
  • Rule Book/Constitution drafting, review and amendment
  • Governance issues
  • Meeting Procedure including meeting notices
  • Rule Book/Constitution interpretation
  • Advice as to legal compliance requirements 
  • Assisting with dealings with government and agencies including IBA, ILC and ORIC 
  • Conflict of interest issues for directors
  • Establishing indigenous businesses
  • Drafting contracts for indigenous businesses

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